5 Signs Your Church is Becoming Liberal

Do you know the 5 Signs Your Church is becoming Liberal? In this video I discuss it full detail.


You will find that these feed into each other and lead to introducing the the following things.

1. It begins using buzzwords.

Buzzwords like community, outreach, unity, love.

2. It starts injecting reductionism

Reductionism in theological terms means to lessen or simplify doctrinal or biblical concepts. It means finding the lesser accepted meaning in order not to divide or put off people. People accept this either because they want ‘church growth’ or do not want to be saddled with the truth.

3. It begins to appropriate secularism.

Appropriation literally means to take from one thing and put it in another. In popular terms cultural appropriation happens when people who not of a ethnic group take on things from a different group. Example: White dudes getting tribal tattoos.
In the church we appropriate things of pop culture into the church whether it be music, fads, philosophies. With the idea that if the church can be more like the world it will attract more people either wanting the world or people put off by church. The problem is the church is a terrible and cheap knock off of both worldly things and church things.

4. It focuses the people rather on God.

All of these things cause then us to refocus on people rather than God. If we are too busy using buzzwords or trying to reduce the Bible to the lowest thing to attract people we lessen our focus on God.

5. It changes the language of the church.

Simply put we put the focus on the world and when we do that we are force to redefine the terms and doctrines to suit that means. It altogether radically changes the church and that in the end is the goal of progressive liberalism.

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