Poem: The Child’s Tale

“Once in a Every Generation”
is how the age old tale goes.
A new myth based on an old lie begins
a battle cry for a new war sings now to its foes.

Don’t listen to pomp of the poppycock
They only seek to see you ruin
instead fight them with a truer tale
one born of his doin.

For it is in his birth true
The source of all things far and wide
finds its more essential glue
and when the songbird sings
let it not bind you to the false tide.

For I say it with all boldness
that supreme tale which grants
to all of us the great gladness
the birth of a child is our only hope

No mystical force binds us here
except that which comes from Word and Sacrament
please understand that the greatest story
which has already been ferment.

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